Play MPE Distribution in Scandinavia


Play MPE® Digital Distribution to media and radio in Scandinavia




Play MPE® Digital Distribution

Play MPE is the worlds premiere promotional distribution service, delivering more than 500.000 unique tracks a year to destinations in over 40 countries.

Record companies uses Play MPE by adding various assets to the system in preparation for deliveries to radio programmers, industry, staff, and other trusted recipients. At the scheduled time, the distribution is announced with a rich media email using Play MPE’s integrated email service.

When the release is serviced, the music appears in the recipient’s Play MPE Player account and can be accessed on any device or platform.

Destinations > Your Own Private Lists

The Play MPE system provides a comprehensive List Manager module so that you and your staff can manage contacts flexibly and efficiently. The contacts can be managed privately per staff member or shared across the label.

> Play MPE Lists

Play MPE maintains managed radio, press, blog, music supervisor, and specialty lists for use by the industry. Play MPE List Management staff maintains these lists regularly to keep them reliably accurate and current.

Mediabase Users (USA)

Play MPE’s integration with Mediabase allows convenient access to stream and download tracks directly from the Mediabase charts.

We can distribute to your own lists or Play MPE pre-designated and segmented lists.

Reporting of recipient usage

All recipient activity is logged in real time, providing promotions staff real time detail on which songs are accessed, streamed, downloaded, burned, and exported.

Play MPE Email notifications

An impactful email notification is easily assembled in just a few minutes for every servicing.

Play MPE templates dynamically integrate the artwork and text and support social media links, embedded streaming video, and any attachments.

Dozens of flexible standard templates are available in the system. Label-branded email templates or fully custom notifications are also available.

Hosting and Bandwidth

Play MPE’s robust high speed global infrastructure services hundreds of thousands of destinations with approximately 15,000 unique tracks per week.

Your Play MPE releases will benefit from the most reliable delivery system available. Tracks are available indefinitely or can be expired on-demand or at any scheduled time.

There is no additional cost for storage or bandwidth and there are no file size restrictions.

Social Media integrations

Your content serviced through Play MPE can be announced on an optional basis to Twitter, Facebook, and a dedicated release page on the portal by simply checking a box. The tweet or post can be instant or specified to appear at a scheduled time. Through these venues, the release can be announced to the public and promoted to generate increased awareness and buzz.

All your releases also qualify for the Play MPE charts, which are an early identifier of interest at radio. Play MPE charts are posted weekly and are available to industry insiders via email and to the general public at

Recipient Functionality

Play MPE’s proprietary applications offer popular features such as:

  • The ability to export uncompressed wav
  • The option to convert to desired bitrates in formats such as AAC, MP3, WMA, etc.
  • Easy exporting of metadata automatically into third party applications
  • The ability to burn singles, albums, or playlists to CD
  • Integration into radio automation systems such as MusicMaster or Selector
  • Custom integration directly into backend server systems at select radio chains
  • Locally translated access to the system in 28 languages

Recipients have full access to Play MPE through player apps which take advantage of unique device environments, maximizing the user experience. Available:

  • Desktop player application for Windows or Macintosh
  • Direct to Web player, supporting all desktop browsers & most mobile browsers
  • Player Apps for iPhone & Android Phone
  • Player Apps for iPad & Android Tablet
  • Player App for Blackberry OS

Customer Service and Technical Support

24/7 Call Center

Play MPE maintains a call center to support all users of the system so they can speak to a representative at any time. The call center is available 24/7 toll-free globally for customer service and first line support.

Security Functionality


Every stream, download, export, and CD burn in the Play MPE system contains a unique individual proprietary patented watermark. The Play MPE watermark is persistent and survives conversion, compression, and recording.



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