Nordic Wristbands introduce customised leather wristband

Our product development at Nordic Wristbands has been busy. This is for the heavy metal fans! And for anyone who just happens to like leather. Introducing the leather wristband, durable and exclusive wristband for anyone who appreciates excellent quality. Can be customised – also with RFID and NFC. Perfect for rock events and VIPs! //\\ Der har været travlt i produktudviklingen hos Nordic Wristbands. Dette er for heavy metal fans! Og for alle andre som bare godt kan lide læder. NWB introducerer nu et læder armbånd, et slidstærkt og eksklusivt armbånd for alle som foretrækker lækker kvalitet. Kan specialdesignes – også med RFID og NFC. Perfekt til rock events, VIPs og for branding!

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