Play MPE Distribution in USA, UK & Australia


Play MPE® Digital Distribution can introduce your music to the right people in UK, Australia and USA.

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Play MPE® Digital Distribution to our pre-designated lists of Music Supervisors, Media and radio in UK, Australia and USA. Contact us for more info regarding how to get your music distributed to the mailboxes of the right people and music executives in US,UK and Australia. 

Play MPE is the worlds premiere promotional distribution service, delivering more than 500.000 unique tracks a year to destinations in over 40 countries.

Record companies uses Play MPE by adding various assets to the system in preparation for deliveries to radio programmers, industry, staff, and other trusted recipients. At the scheduled time, the distribution is announced with a rich media email using Play MPE’s integrated email service.

When the release is serviced, the music appears in the recipient’s Play MPE Player account and can be accessed on any device or platform.

Destinations in Australia, UK and USA  

Play MPE Lists 

Play MPE maintains managed radio, press, blog, music supervisor, and specialty lists for use by the industry. Play MPE List Management staff maintains these lists regularly to keep them reliably accurate and current.



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